Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Terms of Reference

The Lancet Commission on UK Nursing: Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

In the public’s interest, the commission will consider the nursing contribution to
improved UK health care outcomes.

2. Membership

2.1       The members of the Commission are:

Professor Linda Aiken
Dr Parveen Azam Ali (Secretary)
Dr. David Benton
Professor. James Buchan
Professor Seamus Cowman
Professor Tonks Fawcett
Colonel Alan Finnegan
June Girvin
Professor Mark Hayter
Iain McIntosh
Professor Dame Jill Macleod Clark
Professor Martin McKee
Professor Hugh McKenna
Professor Anne Marie Rafferty
Professor Gary Rolfe
Professor Roger Watson (Chair)

2.2       Additional members will be invited as necessary either to attend meetings or to review the work of the committee.  Hearings will be held periodically to gather further opinion about UK nursing.

3. Meetings

3.1       Frequency: Two meeting in 2014; three meetings in 2015

3.2       Duration: 1000-1600

3.3       Communication will be maintained online and via Google Drive

4. Functions

4.1       Review and report on UK nursing education

4.2       Review and report on the UK nursing workforce

4.3       Review and report on UK nursing practice

4.4       Review and report on the public image of UK nursing

4.5       Taking international comparators into account, the Commission will produce a report on its deliberations and proposals which will be published in The Lancet and as a separate booklet.

5. Quorum

The nature of the work of the Commission will not require meetings to be quorate.

6. Terms of reference

The terms of reference will be kept under review.

RW/PA/TL 23 May 2014